Mrs. Feeny & the Grubby Garden Gang Have Arrived!

There she is, Mrs. Feeny. There they are, Kelly, Sara, Brad, Josh, and Buddy. I waited for them to arrive, and they finally did–in my new book, Mrs. Feeny and the Grubby Garden Gang.                      

I’ve thought about this: who was meaner, Mrs. Feeny or the Gang? Guess they all could be in their own way. I must admit, however, it was mainly the boys who caused the most problems. I’ve had a couple–they can be a handful! But they can be sweet and helpful, too, just like the girls. And I’m not letting girls off the hook; they can be quite imaginative and subtle in their methods for pushing parents’ buttons. The Grubby Garden Gang are not BAD kids; they are just kids, and I’ve grown to love all five of them. You, too, can get to know them. They’re a busy bunch, and they sure did give Mrs. Feeny headaches. Oh, what they did to her lawn! You can get an autographed copy  

of my new book using the brief directions and address on the or you can order through The list price is $15.95 (plus tax and S&H) in both places. You may already have a Mrs. Feeny in your neighborhood or a gang of kids who cause you headaches. See how my Mrs. Feeny solved her lawn and kid problems! Many thanks to Elly, Christian, Audrey, Sonny, and George for standing in for the Grubby Garden Gang!


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