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Mixed Up Pet Peeves

I’m not in a particularly snarky mood, but when some of these issues arose recently, I decided to make a nice even list of ten pet peeves. Does any of them annoy you, too?    10. In conversational English, speakers saying: … Continue reading

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Captivating Books

“What books do you as an author read?” I’ve been asked many times. Good question. Here’s what I don’t do: I do not stick to a single genre, e.g., science fiction or mystery or self-help or spiritual, and in fact, … Continue reading

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Yucky Birdbaths

Would you like to drink your own bath water? Gag. I thought about that the other day when I saw  a rather yucky birdbath.  Birds bathe and drink the same water. These yellow finches are doing both here. Not pretty. … Continue reading

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Sunday at the Farmers Market

I don’t grow vegetables. What, but you’re a gardener? Nope. I have three tomato plants, one red, one purple, one black. That’s it, except for some perennial herbs and basil. Too labor intensive for me. Two words: farmers market.  These … Continue reading

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Collect Now for Making Wreaths Later

If you’d love to make a wreath for your front door (or any room in your home, for that matter), now is the time to begin collecting materials from your garden and the roadsides. Dried flowers and weeds look very … Continue reading

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Roads are Lined with Lace

Our roads are now literally lined with Queen Anne’s Lace, and that means the bugs and butterflies are there, too. “Are you crazy, it’s a weed,” friends say. To me, it’s a wildflower that I’ve brought into my garden because … Continue reading

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Milkweed a Monarch Favorite

Because Monarch butterflies love milkweed, I do, too! I have two species in my garden, deliberately to attract the king of butterflies. Bees flock to it also. One is Asclepias speciosa, or showy milkweed, treated by the English “as a garden … Continue reading

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