Untended Gardens

Unattended Children. I saw the sign at a swimming pool where on occasion, parents let their kids out of their eyesight for a while or perhaps give them a couple bucks for the snack bar. Do you laugh when you think of the consequences of giving a kid espresso and a kitten? Who would suffer the most, the kid or the parent or the kitten? But it reminds me of untended gardens. Unlike unattended children, many will thrive for years, like old roses at cemeteries or apple trees out in the field. We’ve all seen them. There are times when I have left my own garden untended. I plant mostly drought tolerant perennials and local native varieties. A compulsive pruner or dead-header I am not. Sometimes I forget to water the thirstier plants (very few of these). Amazingly, they all survive. They continue to bloom; they seem content. But most happy are the bees, birds, butterflies and bugs! Messy gardens are just fine with them; they want pollen, nectar, seeds and other bugs. It’s called habitat gardening–and it’s a perfectly good excuse for not attending to one’s garden as often as one “should.”


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