Used Book Store Love Affair

Do used book stores have the same special attraction for you as they do for me?  They smell used, kind of musty-dusty, like the people and their hands and houses where the books once were. Like a grandma’s house. Like a grandpa’s hands of garden dirt, car grease, tobacco, cough drops, all mixed together. It’s the unexpected little gem I come upon–one always knows what will be in a new book store (I like these, too). I love to find an old book of English cottage gardens or a cookbook of American roadhouse recipes or a craft book on how to make wreaths of goodies from the garden or a children’s book illustrated with book plates or old fashioned paintings. The personal inscriptions can be quite mundane or very touching; they give a secret peek into the emotions or connection of the book giver and recipient. Sometimes I feel like I’m snooping. In any town I visit, the first thing I do is pop into its used book stores. The books provide a snapshot of the town’s character; what the inhabitants have read provide clues as to who they are. Try it. Once you’re inside, you won’t want to leave. And I never leave without clutching at least one.


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