Yucky Birdbaths

Would you like to drink your own bath water? Gag. I thought about that the other day when I saw  a rather yucky birdbath.  Birds bathe and drink the same water. These yellow finches are doing both here. Not pretty. And very unhealthy for them, too. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the cleanliness of the birdbaths in one’s yard. I have, I’ll admit it. The only way to clean this algae is with a steel brush and a hose.  If the water’s still and sits too long, this is what happens. I’ve found if I just give the birdbath a good squirt of water every day, it will stay pretty clean. And it’ll wash out the debris the birds deposit.  Then sometimes the birdbath is so leaky,  it serves better as a bird feeder. These quails are perfectly happy with the birdseed and sunflower heads in this old birdbath. I don’t know where they bathe or drink–I’ve seen them do neither. The earthcast concrete birdbath below is beautiful as it reflects the trees above, but it tends to collect leaves and become swampy. I keep a broom  nearby, sweep it out once a week and fill it up with fresh water. I don’t know what drinks there as I’ve rarely seen many birds hanging around. Perhaps it’s too low on the ground. Maybe raccoons or possums use it at night. I do know the dog will sometimes drink there, and he doesn’t seem to care what it looks like. At least he doesn’t bathe in it.


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  1. news says:

    Have you thought about adding some videos to the article? I think it might enhance everyones understanding.

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