Mixed Up Pet Peeves

I’m not in a particularly snarky mood, but when some of these issues arose recently, I decided to make a nice even list of ten pet peeves. Does any of them annoy you, too?    10. In conversational English, speakers saying: Joe, John and myself will set up the tent. Really?? Really. Certainly those same people wouldn’t write that, would they?       9.  Drivers not using directional signals: Turn signals are electric, they’re convenient, they come with the car; you don’t have to roll down the window (like in the olden days); you don’t have to stick your arm out the window. Just let other drivers know your intentions. Puhleeze.   8.  Boys wearing their pants down below their butts. Can’t help it. Don’t like it. And it makes them walk in a peculiar stiff-legged, spread-eagle way, so the pants don’t fall down completely. What’s the point? I don’t get it.                                    7.  People saying: As we passed the accident, we could see a person laying in the road.  No! TV reporters use laying, everyone says laying. I’ve seen it written in the newspaper. That would be: lying in the road. You lay a thing down. Or, Yesterday I lay down for a nap. Yes, it’s the past tense of the verb to lie. It IS confusing, but as writers . . .                                              6.  Nose rings, lip rings, eyebrow rings, tongue rings. I have a difficult time making eye contact with these folks, especially when they’re asking me what I’d like to order for dinner. Diminishes the appetite. Is it cool? A statement–of what? Personal creativity? Part of a cult, a badge of belonging to something? (And I know some people get other, private parts of their bodies pierced, too—I’ve seen the price lists. OMG!) Well, it’s a free country, as they say. It just makes me uncomfortable.  5.  Cliches: She hardly knew him from Adam, but by wearing her heart on her sleeve, she put the cart before the horse, when she took a cotton to him and spilled the beans by telling him she’d love him til the cows came home.  Rewrite!                                         4. Girls wearing shorts and eensy skirts so short that their cheeks and other parts are visible. How can their mothers let them out like that, I ask? The girls might respond: it’s the style and all the girls do it. Well, that settles that, doesn’t it?  3.  People letting their dogs poop in public places and not cleaning up. I’ve seen it happen in parks, on sidewalks, in school grounds after hours, on other people’s property.  Bring plastic bags, wear latex gloves, bring paper towels, do something! (And the dog owners stand there and watch, like the animal is doing something unique or award-worthy!)                      2.  Ambiguity and misplaced pronouns: When Frank’s son was one year old, he decided to remarry. What?? Who?               1.   Writers and speakers actually misusing I (again): Don’t forget to remind both Sally and I about the party. Remind Sally, remind me! What I told you is just between you and I. ME!


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