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Bullies, Bastards & Bitches (a book)

Maybe this is a book that needs a plain brown wrapper. I saw Bullies, Bastards & Bitches by Jessica Page Morrell in the hands of my writer friend Robin who is definitely circumspect about the language she uses. How intriguing, … Continue reading

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For every season, for any reason, you can create a wreath. I began wreath-making by going to an annual workshop at my friend Liz’s home. Then I decided to branch out on my own and make wreaths in my barn. … Continue reading

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Oh, Those Oreganos!

Why do I love the oreganos? Because some are meant to be admired, some are meant to savor and season. When walking through the garden, I brush up against an oregano or pull the leaves off a stem, and the … Continue reading

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‘Invisible’ Hummingbird Nests

This summer we have forty hummingbirds flying, flitting, and feeding in our garden and at the feeders. Most of them overwintered here, and I presume many of them must be a new batch of babies now grown beyond even the … Continue reading

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Wanna Lose the Lawn?

Thinking about getting rid of your front lawn? Lowering your water bill? Spending less time, energy, and money on mowing and blowing, collecting clippings, weeding and feeding, gopher and mole chasing, and watering? Well, here’s what’s happening in the lawn … Continue reading

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Wild Buckwheats in the Garden

Happiness for a gardener is having a plant that begins blooming in mid-July and continues throughout the fall. That’s my St. Catherine’s lace or Giant Buckwheat (Eriogonum giganteum), a California native. Once you’ve seen it, you will not forget it. … Continue reading

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Blue Bottle Hyacinth

What IS that? That’s the question so many people have asked after seeing this photo on my “More Trash” page. I named it “Blue Bottle Hyacinth” because, to me, it resembles a giant blue hyacinth rising up out of the ground.  Some … Continue reading

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