A Thanks for Mrs. Feeny

My kid gardening book Mrs. Feeny and the Grubby Garden Gang has been bought, given, and read by hundreds and hundreds of different folks, from 4-year olds to parents and teachers to grandmas and grandpas.  So I was absolutely tickled to get a thank you note from 6-year old William, a note in which he was thanking my friend Kay who had given him the book. I haven’t met Will, but I feel honored that he and his mom would take the time to send the note about having received Mrs. Feeny. It is short, sincere, and was perhaps a penmanship struggle, as young Will just enters school this fall and probably has not had too many formal lessons on the art of writing thank you notes. An actual thank you note on a notecard and mailed by snail mail. What a concept! We’ve lost that art, I believe, and I myself am guilty on many occasions of writing thank yous via email. It’s so easy and fast and inexpensive. One can be sincere and heartfelt in an email, but oh, how special a handwritten note is!

And there’s something else special about William’s note–he and his mom handpicked the card. Two of the design elements are quite significant: he shows his 4H project calves at fairs, and somehow he must have known or guessed I love butterflies. In fact, my indie publishing company is named Butterfly Books. There are reviews of Mrs. Feeny on Amazon, and I have received many kudos from family and friends about the book, but this note from William is the sweetest of all. William’s note has warmed my heart. Thanks for your thanks, Will, and to Kay for passing the note on to me.


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2 Responses to A Thanks for Mrs. Feeny

  1. What a darling note from William! Glad to hear so many people are loving Mrs. Feeny.

    • writersandy says:

      I’ve not met young William, but for me as an author of a kids’ book, it tickled me to have my friend Kay pass his note on to me. Maybe someday I’ll get to meet him.

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