Blue Bottle Hyacinth

What IS that? That’s the question so many people have asked after seeing this photo on my “More Trash” page. I named it “Blue Bottle Hyacinth” because, to me, it resembles a giant blue hyacinth rising up out of the ground.  Some might consider it a “sculpture.” I wouldn’t go that far, but I guess I’ll concede that it could be called “garden art.” It’s that favorite blue of mine, this time on a unique and dominant structure in one area of the garden. It took me a long time to collect those bottles, and lucky me, I collected what I needed before the Blu Italy company began putting their sparkling mineral water into plastic instead of that beautiful blue glass. OK, I’ll share the secret. When we had a declining Monterey Pine taken down, I requested that five feet of its stump be left standing. I planned this a year before I knew we’d get around to removing the tree to give me time to save the bottles. We drank a LOT of that mineral water that year! I then drilled 6” deep, 1/2” holes at an angle around the entire stump from top to bottom. Next, I pounded an 18” length of 1/2” rebar into each hole. And lastly, I just slipped the bottles over the rebar. (I had soaked the labels off ahead of time.) Simple. Then all around it I planted purple and blue flowers: irises, grape hyacinth, the clematis in the background, love-in-a-mist (Nigella damescena), borage, blue anemones, Salvia ‘Indigo Spires,’ and Salvia clevelandii. Saliva ‘Winifred Gillman’ is there somewhere, and you can spot some red Jupiter’s Beard (Centranthus ruber) in the background, too. The arborist warned me that the stump would rot and fall apart one of these years. It’s been almost four now. Yes, it’s tilted, but that’s because the tree was listing which is one of the reasons we took it down. There’s no sign yet that the stump is rotting. I think it’s going to petrify and be there forever. I’m a naturally optimistic person!


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4 Responses to Blue Bottle Hyacinth

  1. Very inventive and beautiful, Sandy.

  2. What a concept, Sandy. A blue “bottle” hyancinth! I wonder what the birds and bees in my yard would think of that!

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