Wanna Lose the Lawn?

Thinking about getting rid of your front lawn? Lowering your water bill? Spending less time, energy, and money on mowing and blowing, collecting clippings, weeding and feeding, gopher and mole chasing, and watering?

Mexican evening primrose & Salvia clevelandii aromas

Well, here’s what’s happening in the lawn reduction department. Homeowners now realize that more than 50% of their household water usage goes to keep their water-hog lawns green. So, it’s been a pleasant experience for me to give public talks for Master Gardeners about lawn alternatives. These days so many people are open to new ideas about changing the look of their front yards by either eliminating or reducing their lawns. Some towns are even paying residents to remove lawns!

Sedges, boulders, river cobbles

What impresses me are the novel designs people create for their front lawn remodels: gravel and boulders, dry creek beds, ornamental grasses, rain gardens, mulch, drought tolerant perennials and shrubs, raised beds, pathways, and vegetables. To obtain a variety of examples of lawnless front yards, I have driven up and down streets snapping photos to use in my workshop PowerPoint programs. I’ve even introduced Mrs. Feeny and the Grubby Garden Gang to the concept that front yards are not just for mowing and watering. You could say the book is the kids’ version of lawn alternatives—except they didn’t know that’s what they were doing. Mrs. Feeny might call it “How to keep the neighborhood kids from riding their bikes across my lawn while getting them involved in gardening!”

Unwatered lawn

If you’re looking for information and ideas about reducing or replacing your lawn, please go to my website www.sandybakerwriter.com and look at four articles on the subject: So Long, Lawn; Less Lawn; Lawn Tips; and Basic Design. As Mrs. Feeny would say, “You’ll see . . .”


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2 Responses to Wanna Lose the Lawn?

  1. writersandy says:

    Thanks! I teach “Lawn Alternatives” through our Master Gardener program here in Northern California. A lot of the towns around here have “Cash for Grass” (lawns not pot) programs to encourage people to take out their lawns and put in drought tolerant plantings.

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