For every season, for any reason, you can create a wreath. I began wreath-making by going to an annual workshop at my friend Liz’s home. Then I decided to branch out on my own and make wreaths in my barn. Because there were no wreath books in the libraries, I went to my other favorite place–used book stores. I scored! In one day, I bought five in the same store. Look for “Crafts,” then Wreaths or  “Gardening” and then Everlastings or Dried Flowers. Of the ones I’ve collected, these are some of my favorites: Wreath Magic by Leslie Dierks; The Wreath Book by Rob Pulleyn; The Complete Book of Wreaths by Chris Rankin; Great American Wreaths by Martha Stewart; and two Making Wreaths, one by Barbara Radcliffe Rogers, the second by Pamela Westland.  The color photos and designs in all the books are exceptional, with close-ups showing exactly how to twist this wire, braid that straw, tie the ribbon, wind that tape, trim the florals, etc. Each of the books has a section on the basics, including the  materials, e.g. natural from your gardens, woods, roadsides, and artificial. The Dierks’ book uses as many artificial as natural materials. Dierks, Stewart, and Westland also include instructions for swags and garlands. Dierks, Pulleyn, and Westland are thematically organized according to holiday, childhood memories, scents, culinary, spring, and the like. The others are organized by materials: evergreen, cone and seed, living, wire, silks, etc. For pure wreath-making, I prefer Rankin’s Complete Book which has more than 200 designs.  But I do appreciate Rogers’ book for its many suggestions for growing herbs and ornamentals in one’s garden specifically for wreath-making. The bottom line–remember, I suggested a couple of posts ago to begin saving materials now for wreath-making later? These books will introduce you to the craft. However, if you go to my website www.sandybakerwriter.com in another two months, I will explain how to very easily make wreaths and show you many examples. In the meantime, peruse some of these books so that you’ll feel more confident when we embark on wreath-making together via my website. Really. 


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