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Forever Flowers

Whoever heard of Forever Flowers? I made that up ’cause there’s no such thing. But that’s exactly what the students in Ms. Damico’s and Ms. Santia’s K-1 classes gave me as a thank you for reading Mrs. Feeny and the … Continue reading

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Hummingbird Withdrawal

Theirs and mine, and mine happens because of theirs. It’s that time of year when many hummingbirds decide to fly south. Do they actually decide, or is it in their DNA? ┬áLast year they did not leave–we had at least … Continue reading

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Passions of Writing and Gardening

Writing and gardening are two of my passions.┬áReading and gardening are two of the passions of the students at Mary Collins Charter School in Petaluma. I feel a close kinship to that. I’m fortunate in my passions, able to combine … Continue reading

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Baker Announces Upcoming Book

AMANDA Baker, that is, illustrator for my new book coming out in early 2012. She’s guest blogging here–couldn’t wait to tell the world. Baker and Baker–and we’re not related. Well, we could be as both our forebears originated in Wales. … Continue reading

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