Baker Announces Upcoming Book

AMANDA Baker, that is, illustrator for my new book coming out in early 2012. She’s guest blogging here–couldn’t wait to tell the world. Baker and Baker–and we’re not related. Well, we could be as both our forebears originated in Wales. This is her take on Zack, and below is Amanda’s latest blog post. Enjoy!
So, you may have heard that I will be illustrating a new book. Here are the answers to the questions I have been asked.
1. It is entitled “Zack’s Zucchiniland Stand.”
2. It is about a little boy who gets into gardening somewhat reluctantly, then develops passion and enthusiasm when his garden spirals out of control and takes on a life of its own.
3. It is to be written and published by Sandy Baker, a Santa Rosa based writer of children’s gardening books and founder of Butterfly Books. You can see more about her at .
4. Although Sandy and I share a last name, we are not related as far as we know.
5. Estimated release date: April 2012.

Thanks for all your support! Sandy and I are both thrilled to be working together on this exciting project. I will keep you updated with tantalizing tidbits and sneak previews. Thank you for being the most wonderful internet friends in… the… Internet.


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