Passions of Writing and Gardening

Writing and gardening are two of my passions. Reading and gardening are two of the passions of the students at Mary Collins Charter School in Petaluma. I feel a close kinship to that. I’m fortunate in my passions, able to combine the two in writing gardening books for kids.
 And it thrilled me last week when I saw how much those students enjoy and learn from gardening, and how they understood my book Mrs. Feeny and the Grubby Garden Gang—I read  to two classes of 120 K-1 and 2-3 students for their annual “Celebrate Reading Day”. When reading, I switch between a straw gardening hat and baseball cap, depending upon who’s speaking, Mrs. Feeny or one of the five children who taunt her. At one point in the story, I didn’t change hats properly. The 2-3 students almost simultaneously began to point and shout, “Change hats!” “Wrong Hat!” “Baseball hat!” They caught me! I changed hats mid-sentence, and they cheered. They “got” the story and were totally tuned in. Do you know how gratifying that is to an author when that happens? I think I smiled from head to toe.  The students are sharp; they were welcoming and attentive; and their collective response made my day. Their gardens, filled with salvia and sunflowers, borage and beans, attract birds, bees, butterflies and bugs. The students in essence are habitat gardening.  They sell their luscious produce and beautiful flowers every week at their “farm stand.” And they read, read, read. No wonder they “got” Mrs. Feeny–they’ve had a lot of good practice.


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