Forever Flowers

Whoever heard of Forever Flowers? I made that up ’cause there’s no such thing. But that’s exactly what the students in Ms. Damico’s and Ms. Santia’s K-1 classes gave me as a thank you for reading Mrs. Feeny and the Grubby Garden Gang to them  a couple of weeks ago at the Mary Collins Charter School in Petaluma. The “blooms” are brilliant combinations of colorful tissue paper, twisted and taped onto long green fuzzy “pipe cleaners” with leaves glued onto the stems. And on the leaves the kids wrote sweet messages and their names: I liked how you acted it out. I liked how they worked as a team. I liked the bike page. I liked the end with all the flowers. I liked the digging up. I liked the Grubby Garden Gang. I liked the way you read the book. The illustrations are nice. I liked that she let them make a garden. I liked that you read the book. I liked the garden. I liked the pictures. Wow! I’d love to have all these “Likes” on my Facebook page! Besides the fact that they liked Mrs. Feeny, their comments tell me that they “got” the book, the plot, the ideas, and some of the messages. Not only that, but they themselves love gardening–that’s obvious from the health and beauty of their gardens at the school. When I stepped onto the campus for the first time and wandered around, I fell in love with the place. I wish it had been my school as I was growing up. What experiences they’re having! Thanks for the Forever Flowers!


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