Wine Country Colors

While many folks flock to New England to see its legendary fall colors, I drive along country roads and marvel at changes I see in our own legendary Sonoma County vineyards.  From the sun-covered rows of brilliant green grapevines marching over the hillsides, to the vines laden with ripening red and white varietals, to the after-harvest fall color show, I thrill to the paint palette in the vineyards. We have our red oaks and maples, Chinese pistache, and liquid amber trees that clothe themselves in oranges and reds much like the shade and street trees across the country, but the color in the vineyards impresses me the most. It’s eye-level and endless, all across the county. Tourists may come for the  annual “crush” but they too often miss the color. Deep golds, all shades of red, paprika, terra cotta, crimson, purple, burgundy. And the hues are different, depending upon the grape variety, evolving from week to week, deepening as the night temperatures decrease. Some shades eventually show as burnt sienna or mahogany brown. And there the leaves remain until wind and lashing winter rains drive them off  and the vines into winter dormancy. The barren vines  stand resolute, feet in flooding rainwater or the whips coated in freezing frost, until January and February when the crews come through to prune the plants back into shape. They are thus being prepared to explode with the tiniest of buds in the spring. And when I look out over those vineyards, I see just a hint of the tender, pale spring flush that, six months later, will morph again into the deepest of burgundy, merlot, cabernet, zinfandel, syrah, or pinot noir colors.


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  1. Yep. I agree, Sandy. Fall is beautiful here. Great pictures.

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