Wreath Wrangling Time

Wreaths are a creative and beautiful any-time-of-year decoration, but now is the time to think about making them. Certainly, you ought to have been collecting and drying your materials.  And soon, on my website, www.sandybakerwriter.com, you will find a big page dedicated to wreath-making. “Oh, I couldn’t do that” is what I inevitably hear. I retort, “Oh, yes you can.” Truly. And most of the materials you’ll be able to pick right out of your garden, in fields, or along the roads. To the left is a wreath made with bay, dried hydrangeas, and rose hips.  Join my friend Pat and me on my website Wreath page as we show you step-by-step how to make your own beautiful wreath. Below are some materials you might collect (boldface items are the foliage base):         • Twigs with lichen • Hydrangeas, dried with good color• Magnolia branches (to be picked at a later date , nearer winter )• Yarrow stems, dried • Herbs fresh or dried (sage, oregano, pennyroyal)• Silver dollar eucalyptus ( to be picked nearer to late fall early winter.)• Fresh bay (to be picked later in fall)• Dried roses• Dried lambs ear• Manzanita ( to be picked by fall)• Dried red peppers• Dried colorful statice• Dried weeds that resemble wheat• Some ornamental grasses with nice inflorescences • Pine cones to be glued on• Giant Buckwheat flower heads• Dried Salvia Clevelandii• Dried Love in a Mist pods on stems• Clusters of Nandina berries or Chinese Pistache berries• Feathers• Large colorful rose hips• Bunches of lavender                                                                                                                 


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