The Writers of Room 12!

Hats off to the 23 students in Mrs. Edwards’ third grade class in San Miguel School! They actually enjoy writing–can you imagine how that warms the heart of this writer? I was a guest author in their room a week ago, reading my book Mrs. Feeny and the Grubby Garden Gang, and then presented a writing lesson.  When I read Mrs. Feeny, I switch hats from a straw garden hat to a baseball cap, depending upon who’s speaking, Mrs. Feeny or one of the ornery boys. The kids “get” this and enjoy the hat-switching. The hats were the key to the writing lesson–I brought out six more to use as “prompts” for their stories: a bowler, Russian military hat with insignia, beanie with pinwheel, ski cap, beret, and red cowboy hat. Then we named the hats, the kind of person who might wear it, and where. The children then “chose” which hat and character they wanted to use in their story and proceeded to write, write, write. It was really a lesson in “letting go” and being creative with what was presented to them. The stories were as imaginative and as varied as each child in the class. Mrs. Edwards has given them a very strong foundation in punctuation, capitalization, and subject-verb agreement. Because this was a fun exercise with a new person, they dove into it with excitement and vigor. Mrs. Edwards and the students have invited me back for more writing. Next week’s class will be about description, using similes, avoiding “empty” adjectives, and creating word-clusters. Then they’ll write a short story with the central word in the cluster. Can’t wait to see how they respond to a little more structure and the new word “simile”! I think they’ll get it. If so, I may just read from my upcoming book Zack’s Zany Zucchiniland.


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