Wreath-Design Demo

Two weeks ago, it was writing lessons for third graders; last week, it was a wreath-making demo for the Oakmont Garden Club. I don’t know who had more fun–them or me? The garden clubbers didn’t believe me when I said it’s not incredibly difficult to make a wreath. When I went through it, step by step, showing them the purchased supplies, the natural materials from my garden and roadsides, and the how-to, they became believers. The ooohs and ahhhhs were encouraging. Though I had 45 minutes to show them, they stayed for an hour so I could finish up. I used eucalyptus and bay for the base and layered with “bouquets” of buckwheat, yarrow, and hydrangea mopheads, highlighted with clusters of  Chinese Pistache berries, Love-in-a-Mist pods, found feathers, and lichen-covered twigs. They bombarded me with good questions, leading me to believe that some in the audience would head home to try it themselves. I suggested that they click on the Wreath page of my website www.sandybakerwriter.com to review the directions and photos if they thought they were going wrong. And next year, they invited me back to do an actual hands-on workshop in which they’ll each get to make their own wreath. Ummmm, 50 garden club members making wreaths? Fun!! (Messy!)


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