Hummingbirds Called Their Friends

Is it possible that the 3-4 dozen hummingbirds over-wintering here have called all their friends to come on over, too? One day this past week, there were at least 70 slurping from our six feeders. The hum of their wings is so loud that we can hear it through our dual-pane windows. How many hummers can you count in this photo? I get about 30. Some of them appear as phantom hummers; some show only their tails; and some are doubled up at the feeding tubes. Though some feed intermittently during the day, at three times we have a regular frenzy: Sun-up, 12:15-12:30 p.m., and 4:15-4:45 p.m. Just like humans–breakfast, lunch and dinner, with light snacks in between! Out in the garden, they can nectar on the Rosemary, the Salvia leucantha, some Salvia greggii, and that’s about it. Soon we’ll have some Ceanothus, Ribes, and Cercis occidentalis, but that’s about it until the bigger flush of perennials and fruit trees begin to bloom later in the spring. We love these tiny hummer hold-overs. In a couple of months, they’ll be breeding and nesting again. Does that mean the population will double again since females usually lay two eggs each?? More feeders. More sugar!


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2 Responses to Hummingbirds Called Their Friends

  1. Sandy, you take the best photos. Did you take this one? it could be in National Geographic. Your blog is so beautiful and overflows with vivid colors. I always learn something new and get a feast for my eyes as a delicious bonus.

    • writersandy says:

      Thank you, Mizitis! Yes, I took the photo. I guess the little birds recognize me and let me stand there and snap away. I’m about 3-4′ away from them. Sometimes I can feel the breeze from their wings as they zoom past. They’ve provided me with such pleasure and an amazing experience. Mrs. Hatcher could learn a thing or two, couldn’t she??

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