Yin and Yang Co-author Book

That’s what my co-author Tom Reed calls us, Yin and Yang. I say we’re right-brained, left-brained. We’ve been working together on The Tehran Triangle for two years and haven’t had a dispute or argument the entire time. He’s the left side–nuclear engineer and scientist, linear, systematic, analytical, thinking.  I’m the right side–poet and writer, subjective, creative, perceptive, imaginative, feeling. He wants to go forward; I’m all for going backward. He likes tight production schedules; I can wing it.                                                                    “How do you do it?” friends ask–not about the Yin and Yang, but about co-writing in general. Perhaps it’s because of that, it’s worked out so well. Writing is a solo activity, even when co-writing. We live 22 miles apart. We do not write in tandem, in the same space, or together, settling on words at the same time. After writing a chapter or scene, Tom will decide, “This isn’t logical.” I’ll say, “We need more dust.” He’ll say, “The timing is off.” I’ll say, “She wouldn’t have done that, it’s out of character.” He’ll say, “The drone is too far away for a good shot.” I’ll say, “What happened in her family to make her this way?” Two full years, thousands of hours, and 96,000 words later, we have the book! We have written and rewritten, more times than I like to think about. We have added characters, killed some off, exploded cars and IEDs, danced in the  Kremlin and Texas,  ridden horses and fast cars, changed names and points of view, convened, consulted, consoled, cajoled, conjectured, and ultimately agreed upon every word, every comma. Well, not exactly–the Yang wants commas one way, and the Yin another. Createspace resolved that issue and demanded them their way. (Now, you’re wondering about the horse. That’s Gunpowder, ridden by our kick-butt protagonista across the wastelands of Kazakhstan.) The Tehran Triangle is fact-based, fast-paced thriller, and that horse was the model for our Gunpowder, photo taken by writer friend Robin in Kazakhstan. Bottom line: Tom’s and my polarities didn’t matter, probably enhanced our working relationship, and inspired our harmony and final fun product. Check out Tom’s website www.tomreedauthor.com. Coming in March!


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One Response to Yin and Yang Co-author Book

  1. I’ll be interested in reading the final product. Two years isn’t bad when you consider the process. It’s a real testament to compromise and respect for the other author. Gunpowder is a perfect name for that horse.

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