Writers’ Conference in Santa Rosa

There’s nothing more exciting than attending a conference that zeroes in on one’s passion: for me–writing (other passions for other folks). I know I’m going to learn new information about the craft itself and the publishing industry; practical information from experts; and anecdotal information from other writers. The Redwood Writers (a branch of the California

Writers Club) is holding such a conference on April 27 & 28 in Santa Rosa. The pre-conference event is Poetry Night on the 27th at the Flamingo Hotel where Al Young, California Poet Laureate Emeritus, will be the keynote speaker. The next day at the Santa Rosa Junior College, 22 speakers and presenters will offer information, advice, tips, and how-to on all aspects of writing in four different tracks: Craft, Genre, Publishing, and Marketing. The conference theme is “Next Step” because each of us is in a different place in the process, and each of us always has some identifiable next step to move forward or up to another level. My expectations are high–with the quality of the presenters we have enlisted, I am certain I will gain plenty of new knowledge and help as I continue to pursue my writing career. The frosting on the cake is that I live only five miles from the conference venue! Anyone interested in attending or getting additional information can go to www.redwoodwriters.org.


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2 Responses to Writers’ Conference in Santa Rosa

  1. This is the best writers conference that your money can buy. I’ve been to several Redwood Writers Conferences and am always torn because there are so many great sessions to go to that I have a hard time making up my mind. This one looks like it’s going to be the best one yet. I’m so thankful to all of those people that are working hard to make it happen.

    • writersandy says:

      Sheesh, Jeanne, this looked so official in my in-box, I wondered what the heck I’d done! Thank you for the comments! Whew! It’s so easy to do something stupid when one is one the computer. I hope you are feeling better. I do agree with you–the best conference yet! Thanks. And thanks to YOU. Sandy

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