Forsythia and Strawberry Shortcake

January birthdays, growing up, were never fun, not for me or for my mother. (I just celebrated by pruning roses and verbena.) The occasional party was inevitably held inside or often cancelled because of snow. Or, kids couldn’t come because they had colds, mumps, measles or some other snot-producing ailment. Games were limited to the basement or living room–how much fun was that? But the two things that always made my mid-winter birthday special, no matter what, were the forsythia and strawberry shortcake. My mother brought an armful of bud-laden forsythia branches inside 2-3 weeks in advance of my birthday and “forced” them. By birthday time, bunches of blooming sunshine-yellow forsythia punctuated the dreary January house. And, she always made me a big strawberry shortcake–two layers of angel food cake, whipped cream and (frozen) strawberries. Yum. (Well, the photo is a strawberry-chocolate cake I made for someone else’s birthday! You get the idea.) So what if my birthday was/is in January. Mom always made it memorable.


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2 Responses to Forsythia and Strawberry Shortcake

  1. Did I miss your birthday?? I am so sorry and really hope you got that strawberry shortcake. If not, I’ll have to make you one. For my birthday it was always lemon-meringue pie.

    • writersandy says:

      Howdy again! Yes, on the 31st. Yes, turning 71 is no big deal. At least you helped me celebrate the biggie. And no, I had lemon cheesecake with raspberries instead. It was quite good. Actually, cheesecake is my favorite these days. Lemon meringue pie, huh? Yeah, that’s good, too. Lighter, more lemony. Take care. XO, Sandy

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