The Tehran Triangle Arrives in a Month

My co-writer, Tom Reed, and I are in our 26th month of pregnancy, and the book is about to be born: The Tehran Triangle. Lots of anticipation for the final product. A labor of love and lots of labor. No pain. Attention to detail, timing, place, logic, action, characters. Down and counting. Will it be perfect? We all think our newborns are perfect. Keeping fingers crossed. Createspace has been the ob-gyn throughout, giving us plenty of care, nurturing, support, and good advice. We’re hoping for an easy, on-time delivery! The triangle is Tehran, El Paso, and Juarez. A young, first-generation Iranian-American couple has been recruited by an Ahmadinejad flunky to build a nuclear bomb on American soil. They do. Kick-butt CIA protagonista strives to stop it. We’re practically writing in real time as computer viruses attack Iranian centrifuges, their top nuclear scientists get bumped off, and talk of serious Israeli action in Iran surfaces. We haven’t had to rewrite the ending. Yet. The book will get born, one way or another. Check out Tom’s website, and mine, for additional details about the book and us. The Tehran Triangle is due for delivery about the first week in March.


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2 Responses to The Tehran Triangle Arrives in a Month

  1. Congratulations! Sounds like it’s a boy! It’s sounds current, fast moving, exciting, exotic. . . a sure recipe for success. Good luck on your delivery.


    • writersandy says:

      Thanks, Jeanne. He’s coming soon! Manuscript expected back today or tomorrow from Createspace for final review and last minute changes. Then the electronic & physical proofs arrive. Quite a process. It’s exciting. Sandy

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