Valentine Red

Red. Valentine red. Can you tell that red is my favorite? My website and blog are accented with red. And growing up: red lunchbox, red kneesocks, red book bag, red raincoat, red ribbons, red velvet dress. And now, my garden is full of red. Some gardeners refuse to use red while I cannot live without it. My front garden, which replaced most of the ratty lawn, is red with orange, blue, and purple. How’s that for intensity? Some garden designers reading this are probably shivering. I like rich, deep saturated color–vibrant colors to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. (I don’t grow many roses–they attract ooohs and ahhhs and aphids. The roses pictured are from a garden in New Zealand–which cannot seem to grow enough roses!) Another reason I don’t grow many roses is that they use too much water and require too much attention. Rose aficionados would disagree, I’m sure. In fact, I’ve just finished pruning my rose bushes, and it’s only February. We all garden for different reasons–to enhance our property, conserve water, attract beneficials, control erosion, shade the house, win prizes, feed the family, protect from wind, etc. Every garden is unique, every garden a work of art, every garden somehow beautiful. Sooo, get out there and garden; take your kids outside to garden, too. Plant some red. Happy gardening! And Happy Valentine’s Day.


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4 Responses to Valentine Red

  1. Love your colors! Intensity rules!

  2. I’m with you. I love red. You’ve inspired me to start thinking about my garden. Every year I’m so surprised when my red fuschia survives the winter with such little care. It’s in a pot on my patio and the hummingbirds love it.

  3. Sandy Baker says:

    Barb, thanks! Oh yes, red fuschia. Amazing that it’s making it through the winter. It tickles me that hummers and I love the same red–makes it easy to choose flowers for the garden.

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