Zack’s Zon His Zway

Zack’s Zany Zucchiniland is on its way! When one is a writer, one learns to be patient. Finding the inspiration, finding the right lead, finding the perfect voice, finding the appropriate copy editor, illustrator, book designer, agent, publisher. Waiting for the copy edit to be finished, waiting for the agent/s to respond, waiting for the publisher/s to acknowledge one’s manuscript. (Good luck with that.) Deciding how to publish–legacy, indie, self, subsidy. And waiting. The angst of waiting can make one ask many questions. Would I do it this way again? Did I select the right illustrator? Book designer? Printer? Did I price it right? Choose the right size? Best font? Since instant gratification was not part of my generation’s upbringing, I’ve also discovered that the anticipation, the waiting, is sweet. Because when the illustrations are complete, the text and illustrations match just the way you envisioned, and the cover is designed and fabulous–oh, the joy of the delayed gratification. So, I’m sharing the cover of my soon-to-be-published book, Zack’s Zany Zucchiniland. And I can answer a resounding, joyful “Yes” to the questions above. Right illustrator. Right book designer. Right size, etc. But I knew that anyway–or I wouldn’t have chosen Rita Ter Sarkissoff and Amanda Baker in the first place. My confidence in them was there from the beginning–and such a good feeling, regardless of the waiting between the various steps of putting Zack together. He’s almost done. I expect delivery in a month or so. Maybe then I’ll describe my entire publishing process. Can you wait?


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6 Responses to Zack’s Zon His Zway

  1. WOW. . that cover is a knock out. I can’t wait to see the complete book. I know that this one is going to be big winner. You’ll have everyone growing zucchinis all over the place.

  2. Sandy Baker says:

    Thank YOU, Jeanne! He’s a cute, clever lad. Keeping fingers crossed, always.

  3. Edytha says:

    Hi Sandy: I, too, love the cover. Can’t wait for the entire book. So very exciting. What a process. Hooray for you and for Zack. Edytha

  4. Kaleah Nohr says:

    Looks like a fun book! I trust that anything that Rita Ter Sarkissoff works on will be brilliant!!! Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

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