Rosemary Blue

I love the blue, but rosemary is so much more than just an appealing color. It’a a fragrance and a texture, too, and it’s been in full bloom for more than a month, the early daffodils for about 2-3 weeks. The paperwhites are just about gone, but the later-blooming daffs and other bulbs are yet to come. It’s like this in Northern California. Sometimes I feel guilty as you in the Mid-West and East are usually digging yourselves out of 3′ of snow. Sorry–the guilt doesn’t last very long. One of the idiosyncratic things about early rosemary is that it’s too cold for the European honeybees to take advantage of the nectar and pollen the tiny blooms offer. However, the native bees do appear to help pollinate some of the early blossoming fruit trees, and the hummingbirds will also spend time at the rosemary. I have both the prostrate and upright varieties which do well in our USDA Zones 8-9. Some varieties can go as low as Zone 6 in protected areas. In case you’re not familiar with it except in seasoning Italian dishes (it IS a Mediterranean native), it has a pungent flavor and aroma. Brush by it or run your hand along the branch, and you release the most wonderful fragrance. It’s drought tolerant, and the taller varieties can be easily pruned into a hedge or even formal shapes. BUT, it needs lot of sun and good drainage. Many beneficial insects as well as the hummers flock to it. Put stems in the cavity of a roasting chicken or sprinkle root vegetables with olive oil, s & p, and the rosemary leaves when you oven-roast them. AND, don’t forget to wash the rosemary stems first as you never know where the dog’s been!


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2 Responses to Rosemary Blue

  1. Lovely post – rosemary doesn’t get the respect that it deserves. And it comes in so many shapes and forms…this year (since apparently winter has been cancelled in Northern California) the honeybees have been all over it!

    • writersandy says:

      I think you’re a bit warmer where you are or my honeybees haven’t awakened yet! Kinda slow to start this year. Once the borage blooms, I’ll be wading in honeybees! Can’t get enough of the blues!

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