Oh, Hummingbird

Oh, Hummingbird, Hummingbird with tiny curved feet                                    Can’t walk on lawn or earth or street.                                                                Little curled feet only made for perching                                                       Hummer flies all day for flowers searching.

Hummingbird, Hummingbird with long slim bill                                            Sips on nectar, never gets its fill.                                                                      Looks for flowers like bell and trumpet,                                                           Hovers in front but never does bump it.

Hummingbird, Hummingbird with feathered wing,                                Hovering, diving, flittering, flying.                                                                     Wings beat fast, impossible to see,                                                                 Hummer flies backwards so fancy-free.

Hummingbird, Hummingbird feathers shine and shimmer,                         Light turns bright, feathers glow and glimmer.                                               Pink and red and brown and green                                                               Hummer shows off, will perch and preen.

Hummingbird, Hummingbird, light as feather                                          Doesn’t like cold, only warm weather.                                                              Tiny bird flies south, a thousand miles,                                                             Weather turns warm, returns with smiles.

Hummingbird, Hummingbird eyes watchful wide,                                         Looks for others so they don’t collide.                                                              Flies to my house for nectar treat,                                                                     Knows I welcome it with something sweet.

Hummingbird, Hummingbird acts as greeter                                                   Likes red hat, sprinkler, nectar feeder.                                                                I wonder if hummer has a radar brain                                                              ‘Cause it visits my house again and again?


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3 Responses to Oh, Hummingbird

  1. Wow! It’s a hummingbird extravaganza.

  2. Hummingbird eats sweet, likes red, flies true
    Hey Sandy, ever think that Hummer’s like you?

  3. Sandy Baker says:

    Thanks, Jeanne, for your poetic verses reply.
    I love red, too, so maybe that’s why!

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