The Tehran Triangle is Here!

The Tehran Triangle has arrived! The grin on my husband’s face is endless.   He’s happy, proud, and relieved, but his joy doesn’t quite match that of co-author Tom Reed’s and mine. Our more than two years of writing and rewriting feels like a long time. However, there are authors who work on a novel for five or ten or more years. I admire them for their persistence, patience, and perseverance. I’m not sure I have it in me to work that long on a single piece–given that my typical writings are short stories, poetry, and gardening articles. Co-authoring a book was a positive experience: Tom and I supported each other, encouraged and pushed each other. It’s a fact-based but fictional political thriller that has a young American-Iranian couple build a nuclear bomb on American soil. The “triangle” is Tehran, El Paso, and Juarez. We wanted to get our book out before our own 2012 presidential elections and Iran’s 2013 presidential elections. Both current presidents have much at stake–re-election. The big questions that face them are the issues of nuclear weapons, political power and stability in the Middle East. Our book addresses all these in a straightforward imaginary scenario of Iran’s president recruiting this couple to build the bomb and then detonating it New Mexico. Readers may have a question also: Is this possible? Tom Reed has designed and built nuclear weapons. His answer may surprise readers. Go to or or read the March 20, 2012 article in the Wall Street Journal by Brett Stephens, “The Bogus Iran Intelligence Debate.”


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