The Tehran Triangle Launched!

Launch. Interesting word. Missiles get launched, literally, physically. Careers get launched. And books get launched, not into space, but introduced, tossed out to the public, bragged about, advertised, marketed, sold, signed. And finally read! That’s what happened Thursday evening at the Omelette Express in Windsor. Launch. Co-author Tom Reed and I introduced our book The Tehran Triangle to the world! OK, hyperbole. To all the folks from Cloverdale and south who showed up. Our good friends and family mainly. And what a launch it was. At least 100 people and lots of books purchased. Lots of wine flowing, too, and great sandwiches and fruit plates from the Omelette Express staff. Our format was perhaps a bit different: I read several teaser excerpts, after which Tom commented and answered questions. Our book is fiction but wedded to facts about nuclear bomb technology, Iranian history, and U.S. and Iranian politics. A young American-Iranian couple is recruited to build a bomb in El Paso–one corner of the triangle, the other two being Tehran, of course, and then Juarez. And CIA agent Elizabeth Mallory discovers and attempts to stop the plot. It all plays out between 1999 and 2012. Tom likes to say we’re not making predictions, but he does feel things may come to a head in the Middle East before year’s end. We began writing the book together in January 2010. While we definitely enjoyed the challenge of co-authoring and creating a fascinating plot and characters, we’re both glad we finally reached this stage. Published and launched! And now marketing The Tehran Triangle becomes as intensive and as focused as the writing. But at least we have the product in hand. You can catch us at or or or


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