Time to Plant Zucchini??

Zucchini is a wondrous, generous vegetable. It’ll grow up or across, every which way, over other plants, and just keep giving and giving. I’ve done it, and learned that a six-pack of starts is all one needs. Who can eat that much zucchini? Broiled, baked, breaded and deep fried, grilled, fritters, in salads and soups, bread, ratatouille, appetizer with dip, kebobs, you name it! Versatile. And not really full of flavor–at least not to my tastebuds. Once those plants get going, you can hardly see the fruit for the leaves. And sometimes, when you don’t find the small, tender ones because they’re so camouflaged under leaves the same color, suddenly you’ll find a monster zucchini the size of a small sea lion. Impressive, but not good. So when my new character Zack decided to grow a garden of zucchini along with gourds, pumpkins, and watermelons, boy, was he in for a surprise! Vigorous is another word used with zucchini. Zack found that out. You can read all about it in my new kid gardening book, Zack’s Zany Zucchiniland, a 32-page picture book illustrated by Amanda Baker (no relation that we know of). It’s perfect for 5-10 year olds, either at home or school. You can purchase it on amazon.com or on my website www.sandybakerwriter.com (and get an autographed one). Zack was bored and lonely–his solution: plant zucchini. It’s a kid’s twisted plot about growing vegetables. Any gardener who has ever planted zucchini, gourds, pumpkins, or watermelon (or all four), knows exactly what I’m talking about. Sooo, have fun reading Zack or making the two zucchini bread recipes, and then, get out there and garden. Plant some zucchini! It’ll feed you all summer and into the fall. Zucchini never fails.


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