The Secret Garden Revisited

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett remains one of my all-time favorite books. There was something special about the snotty little orphaned English girl Mary finding the key to the overgrown garden behind high walls at her uncle’s home. And through the act of restoring that garden, Mary unlocked her own hardened heart, formed a fast friendship with Dickon, and helped improve the health of little cousin Colin. It was magical to me that growing things and creating beauty could make such changes in three children’s lives. As part of my continuing kids’ gardening book circle, I’ve written a version titled Steffie’s Secret Garden, to be published in a year or two. Not only that, but coincidentally, I am moving into a 1930 home with an untended garden, one which I must restore to its much-ballyhooed former glory. I fell in love with the house, but . . . there it was, my own secret garden. High brick walls. Ivy and wisteria taking over. Heavy wooden garden gates with rusty, creaking hinges. An empty pond. A fountain. Brick pathways. Citrus trees. Roses! Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ and beloved hummingbirds. The garden is a gift that daily   beckons me to prune, water, feed, enjoy. Certainly the roses will thank me for getting rid of their gnarly, knobby ancient dead canes; the Buddleia for cutting back their 10-foot tall spindly branches; and the Tagetes and Salvia leucantha for the hasty haircuts I rendered. I’ll know when each provides a flush of new growth and fragrant flowers. To celebrate, I think I shall re-read the book or watch one of several film versions of The Secret Garden, a story first serialized in 1910 in a magazine aimed at adults. Who knew??


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