Love That Zucchini!

That’s not how Aiden and Collin felt when their mother served zucchini to them for dinner one night. “No way. Don’t like it. Yuck. Not gonna eat it.” Sound familiar? Fish? Broccoli? Beets? It’s always something. But recently my friend Patsy Ann had given her two grandsons my kid gardening book Zack’s Zany Zucchiniland. The boys insist that their mother read it to them every single night. (What fans! I love ’em!) So when Mom said, “But that’s exactly what Zack grew in his garden,” the boys changed their minds–decided instead they love the stuff. Ate it with gusto! The boys then wrote a very cute thank you note with hand-drawn zucchini to Patsy: “Thank you very much for giving us Zack’s Zucchiniland. Love, Aiden and Collin.” Yay, converts to zucchini! I’m thrilled when, as a result of reading my children’s gardening books, that a few kids will be encouraged to garden and eat their own homegrown vegetables. Most folks like zucchini but don’t necessarily

love it. Maybe it’s the shape. Maybe the texture. The taste? Who knows? But I do know there are a million things you can do with it: tempura, in soup, grilled, raw rounds or shredded in salads, sticks with dips, stuffed and baked, in ratatouille, fritters, roasted with other vegetables, on shish kabobs with meat or not, in sweet or savory bread (see recipes in my book), muffins, cakes, etc. Just google zucchini recipes. They’re endless! And in the book, Zack finds out that when you grow zucchini, they can be endless, too.


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2 Responses to Love That Zucchini!

  1. micmilgarden says:

    I wish I could trade you some tomatoes for your zukes! I had both squash borers and squash bugs this summer but the tomatoes are going strong!

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