The Dead Butterfly Diaries

Everyone loves butterflies, don’t they? Well, yes, even their predators: birds, frogs, lizards, spiders, praying mantis, and others. That’s why butterflies have scary eyespots, toxic taste, and camouflage exteriors. And those folks with nets who wish to collect, kill, and pin the butterflies to mounting material–they’re predators, too. But I digress. What if a little girl in a butterfly-adorned T-shirt found a bunch of dead butterflies in her garden? She’d be stunned and hurt, for starters. But this bright little girl might say to herself, But predators always EAT their prey. Something’ else killed these butterflies. That’s the premise of the new kid gardening book I’m working on. Betsy gets out her magnifying glass to begin her investigation. Her classmates ridicule her–“Oh yeah, little Miss Know-It-All.” This kid’s no pushover though. With her little sister Me-Too Emily in tow, Betsy follows the clues to find out what happened. YOU might guess the solution, but Betsy has to take it clue-by-clue. She confides in her diary every day, drawing and doodling to accompany her entries, to include the scenes, the clues, and herself and Emily. My working title is The Dead Butterfly Diaries. The book is intended for 5-9 year olds, and it will include the beautiful illustrations of the diary’s talented young author-artist Betsy. Any thoughts?


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