Horses, Forces & Scientists

I’ve recently read exciting books by three author colleagues: The C-Factor by David Ramirez, The Dark Horse of Shanghai by Kent Sorensen, and By Force or Fear by Thonie Hevron. Each one has a memorable protagonist and plot that made me want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens next–and yet each one is different. By Force takes place in Force or FearSonoma County CA where we all live; I loved being able to follow the good guys and bad guys around the county to familiar places–it was like being part of the story. The newly badged detective was sharp, but she sure did get herself into a lot of jams! Dark Horse took me to a world I’d never visited–frightening, foreboding, forbidding. The corporate turn-around Dark Horse of Shanghaiprotagonist definitely had issues and challenges to overcome. And in C-Factor, the unlikely hero, a cancer researcher and college professor, takes us with the World Health Organization to the far-away Ukraine during the Cold War and to Greenland to figure out the effects of radiation on workers in nuclear facilities. We’re all members of a large C-Factorwriting group, the Redwood Writers, centered in Sonoma County but with many members from five adjacent counties. I marvel at the talent in our 200+ member club. Some people pooh-pooh “local writers” as if John Grisham, Stephen King, and Isabel Allende aren’t local to some town somewhere. We all live someplace and have had to start writing somewhere, in some little town or city, which makes us all local. Some of us may hit it big time, who knows? It’s a matter of marketing. But being local doesn’t make TTT_Cover Proofour writings any less good. Try out these books by “local” authors. They make great gifts for your book-reading family or friends. You can get them on Amazon or the authors’ own websites, and they’re all ebooks, too. (You can even get my similarly exciting book, The Tehran Triangle, from the same sources.) Check us out!


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