Poem for Valentine’s

For at least two years, I’ve been working on a collection of poetry for teens. It’s about all the teens I’ve ever known, raised, or been. I’ve titled the not-yet-published collection Teendom and Other Stark Realities. One of these days, it may even be in bookstores and not just in my computer’s memory! Here’s a poem in honor of Valentine’s Day and teen girls.



Ever creeping, clandestinely behind my back,

Softly, secretly seeping by osmosis, into my skin,

catching me unaware, offering no clue,

forcing me to sometimes stare, wondering what and why.

No obvious evidence at all from him,

except for somehow keeping tension high between us.

There are days when energy pours out my pores,

other days of puzzling laziness,

lax and limp, lying down, berated by my mom,

who says to me: ”Hormones,  pheromones!”

I’m not sleeping well, all senses tense and vigilant,

instead, tossing, turning, sometimes weeping,

except one misty morning, leaping out of bed,

I greet the day, lest it take me by surprise:

it hits me right between the eyes,

and now I know…

It’s simple: I’ve fallen for the guy!

Sandy Baker ©2010


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Writer, Gardener, Crafter
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3 Responses to Poem for Valentine’s

  1. Rowmantic says:

    This is a very nice piece. I quite enjoyed it.

  2. Ahhh . . . teenage angst. The ending surprised me.

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