Pinned, Linked, Facebooked, Blogged, and Twittered!

Who knew? Are these verbs? Adjectives? They sound suggestive, racy. All I know is that I do these almost daily and have been advised to do even more. It’s difficult to keep up. I follow and thank people for following and friending. Do I thank people for retweeting and

Board sign for Books & Writing on Pinterest.

Board sign for Books & Writing on Pinterest.

repinning? And do they thank me back for thanking them? I post, I tweet, I pin, I blog. Writers know exactly what I’m doing, but other friends think I’ve lost it. Why, they ask? Well, I’m building my platform. Umm, your what? My platform. I’m establishing myself in the writing and publishing worlds, creating a credible me. The more followers I have and the more books I sell, the more agents will come banging on my door to represent me to publishers who will want to snap up my manuscripts. I have wonderful, friendly, supportive followers and tweeps but the numbers are pitiful. Some have 15,000, 20,000. I have a couple hundred. How does one keep up with 15,000 friends? I could friend 15,000 people, but would they friend me back? Then I could show agents that my platform rocks. So, you can help by repinning me at You can Facebook me at sandybakerwriter and Tweet me using sandybaker131. There must be hundreds of Sandy Bakers in this world, so this might not be easy. But keep trying ’til you find me. After all, building one’s platform is all-important and I’d like to raise my pathetic and pitiful numbers to more impressive ones. Friend and follow me, tweet and repin me! I’ll thank you and do the same. Really. (I can’t believe I’m using these words!)


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