Kindle Prices: To Reduce or Not?

Yup, I did it–reduced the Kindle prices on two of my books. It’s an issue we authors discuss quite frequently: maintain the price at basic retail value or reduce the price in the hope of selling Mrs Feeny covermillions? If only. The Kindle prices of Mrs. Feeny and the Grubby Garden Gang and The Tehran Triangle were  $9.99. Mrs. Feeny is now $3.99 and TTT now $2.99, both available on Bargain prices for two very good reads.  What amazes me are the color and resolution of Mrs. Feeny on an e-reader–so much improved over just a couple years ago. Many children’s picture books are now available as ebooks. That’s good. I usually TTT_Cover Proofprefer and recommend old fashioned print books, but for kids, I’d rather have them read a good ebook than not at all. Children spend too many hours in front of the TV or on the computer. If you feel they’re comfortable with the screen, send an ebook their way for a change. Some of my writer friends offer their ebooks at 99¢ and do sell many thousands. Volume over value, I guess. I’m not there yet. I myself have read about six Kindle books now, mostly at night in a darkened bedroom when my other half is sound asleep. You cannot beat a Kindle or other e-reader for reading in the dark–back-lit and no noisy page-turning! Soooo, alert all your friends that the prices of these two books have been greatly reduced from their former $9.99. Reasonable prices for a couple of great reads, one for kids 5-9 and the other for mature readers.


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