“Well, of all things, dead butterflies!” a woman huffed at me. “I can’t let my child read that.” Cover_Dead Butterflies Diary_5-10-13

Sheesh! I thought, Like the kid’s never seen a dead butterfly! “It’s a kid’s gardening detective story,” I explained. “Every detective story has a dead body in it. This one has dead butterflies. Betsy has to figure out who did it!”

“Oh, I get it,” she said. “Someone or something killed the butterflies and Betsy figures it out?”

Exactly! My new kid detective gardening book is here! For now, it’s available on my website, http://www.sandybakerwriter.com, through PayPal. (Very soon it will be up on Amazon.) I’ll autograph it and ship it right out to you. It’s a 32 page, 8″x10″ picture book with a soft cover. Betsy vows to find out who or what killed the butterflies. butterflyShe investigates using her camera and magnifying glass. The culprit may not be who you think. Betsy is the BetsyNancy Drew of the kid gardening crowd. I think that’s why I particularly enjoyed writing this book, as years ago I loved the ol’ Nancy Drew series. Remember? She always solved the mystery–and Betsy does, too. The book includes a Glossary, an Abbreviation Dictionary, Best Butterfly Flowers, and Betsy’s Tips for Butterfly on coneflowerGardening. Five to nine year olds will love it, at home or in school. My current project is a habitat coloring book, 32 pages of gardening for birds, bees, butterflies, and bugs–though this time the kids get to color them and solve a few puzzles, too. There’s hardly a better combination for growing kids–gardening and reading.


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