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Platform and Social Media, What?

Platform and Social Media–two concepts I never heard of until about four, five years ago. Very mysterious to me in the realm of writers. I knew what a political platform was with its various “planks” but I couldn’t grasp what … Continue reading

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Empty Adjectives and Actionless Verbs

“Show, don’t tell.” That’s the admonition from the experts whether you’re writing songs, novels, short stories, or memoir. For example, adjectives are descriptors, but some are “empty” and don’t provide information that shows us anything new; they do not let … Continue reading

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16 Sessions of Authors, Agents, Playwrights, Poets

You can’t beat the Redwood Writers in Sonoma County CA when it comes to putting on a good writers’ conference or workshops! If you’re an author or wannabe, our next conference on April 26, 2014 is for you. Please save … Continue reading

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Color My Garden–Saturated, Intense!

Color My Garden is my latest book. Seeing the title, it’s what you might expect–a coloring book for kids–and all about habitat gardening for birds, bees, butterflies and bugs. As a kid, I loved to color, especially if I had … Continue reading

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Roundabout Gardens Slow Us

Roundabouts–so much nicer than “traffic circle.” People either love ’em or hate ’em! I’m one of the former, especially after driving 2000 miles around New Zealand and becoming quite accustomed to their roundabouts’ efficiency and safety. People say, “They’re ugly.” … Continue reading

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Doc: A Sympathetic Doc Holliday

I’ve always been drawn to tales of the West with its cowboys, law and order sheriffs and marshals, cattle drives, Indians, and the perceived romance of our country’s westward movement. As a child, I swaggered around in cowboy boots, fringed … Continue reading

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The Night Circus–A Book Club Extravaganza

The circus pulls into town, sets up, and prepares for its dusk opening. Black and white only, except for red scarves worn by the reveurs who attempt to follow the circus to each new venue. No one sees it arrive … Continue reading

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