Roundabout Gardens Slow Us

Roundabouts–so much nicer than “traffic circle.” People either love ’em or hate ’em! I’m one of the former, especially after driving 2000 miles around New Zealand and becoming Roundabout 3quite accustomed to their roundabouts’ efficiency and safety. People say, “They’re ugly.” Not. Or, “They slow you down too much.” Umm, duh. Or, “They’re inefficient.” Not really. Or, “They’re in the way.” Of what? Or, “They’re too confusing.” Drivers in the circle have the right of way; drivers on the right, yield. (Unless one is in New Zealand and it’s the reverse–now that DOES take getting used to!) Roundabouts are the perfect solution to u-turns; if you miss your turnoff, just go ’round again. The smaller, local roundabouts are quite lovely, roundabout signplanted and maintained by nearby residents (I think). I’ve actually never seen anyone gardening in them, but they’re always well-watered and  beautifully planted and pruned. There’s a pride of ownership in the neighborhood that keeps them looking good. Sometimes gardening clubs have committed to caring for the planted circles. In some areas, the roundabouts are a welcoming entrance to town. They do slow down traffic. Who wants cars traveling 45 mph through a residential area? Roundabouts force you to slow and take a look around. That way you avoid other cars, pedestrians, and dog walkers. The one above is beautifully planted with drought tolerant plants. Some roundabouts have a bench for sitting, reading or resting. Smell the flowers. Admire the beauty. Take photos of the blooms and butterflies. Maybe I like going in circles. Everyone says we need to slow down. That’s the beauty of roundabouts!


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2 Responses to Roundabout Gardens Slow Us

  1. You are so brave! I would never try that on my own in England. Hire a driver, that’s my solution. On the other hand, thank you for pointing out the potential beauty of the round-abouts.

  2. Thanks for your comments. Once you get the hang of driving in New Zealand and England, it becomes easier! Especially in NZ where there’s hardly any traffic. Roundabouts really can be very beautiful if the person/s planting them know/s what they’re doing!

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