Color My Garden–Saturated, Intense!

Color My Garden is my latest book. Seeing the title, it’s what you might expect–a coloring book for kids–and all about habitat gardening for birds, bees, butterflies and bugs. As a kid, I Cover Color My Gardenloved to color, especially if I had a brand new 30-color pack of Crayola crayons. (Today the boxes come in 64 and 90. Oh, what a joy that would have been!) The names of the colors intrigued me. Prussian Blue, Burnt Sienna, Magenta, Red Violet, Turquoise Blue, Orange Red, and Blue Violet were my favorites. Rarely the pastels. I had friends whose crayons were broken, naked, and rounded on each end–all thrown together in an old cookie tin. The crayons were contaminated with little flecks of colored wax from the others. Yuck. That was not my style. I liked my crayons unbroken, sharp, and with the paper sleeve intact, neat and still standing like soldiers in the box. I enjoyed reading those exotic labels and choosing each color deliberately. (How could one choose a color if there were no labels?) Even today, it’s the way I prefer my drawing pencils and pens to be–sharp, neat, labelled. As I’m not a trained artist, it took considerable time to do each illustration for this new book, slowly, meticulously, nervously. They’re basically line drawings; one little misplaced wiggle and I grabbed for the Whiteout. And as I completed each one, I had this Pg 1incredible, nostalgic urge to then color it. Well, that would have been stupid. It’s a coloring book forPg 13 others, for children, not for me. Must be a throw-back to my younger days when I would sit for hours coloring. I notice that my early crayon color preferences reflect the colors I like in my garden today! Deep, intense, saturated. Dynamite Red, Indigo Blue, Magenta, Purple Majesty. I think I’ll keep a copy of Color My Garden for myself and secretly color it. That would force me to buy the 90-crayon Crayola pack. Oh, the joy!

Find out more about me and my books at or on Facebook. Color My Garden is now available on its own Amazon page. (And it’s not on Kindle–how would that work, a Kindle-ized coloring book?)


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4 Responses to Color My Garden–Saturated, Intense!

  1. Your artwork is clean and fun and is calling out for color. There is so much good information on the coloring pages, that this would be a great learning resource as well. Congratulations on a sure winner.

  2. barbara toboni says:

    Enjoyed your post, Sandy. Good luck with your coloring book. The pictures look wonderful. I always enjoyed the coloring books that had stories or lessons to read. I still have my boys’ crayons. Guess I’m hoping they, adults now, will come home and ask for some paper. No grandkids yet, but I’m saving them!

    • Thanks, Barbara! I had a perfect box of crayons saved for years until a grandson secretly began to use them, break them, and peel off the labels. I had to toss them. Keep saving your boys’ crayons. The minute you get rid of them, you’ll need them. It never fails to happen!

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