Platform and Social Media, What?

Platform and Social Media–two concepts I never heard of until about four, five years ago. Very mysterious to me in the realm of writers. I knew what a political platform was with its various “planks” but I couldn’t grasp what a writer’s platform is, how we build one, how we use it, and what it’s supposed to accomplish. But 3D-Platform-Cover-For-Product-Pagewe gotta have one, I do know that. We are advised to develop a website and get on Facebook–before we even publish our first book. “Just get your name and face out there,” advised the presenter at a conference. “It doesn’t matter if you haven’t published yet.” Really? What could I possibly have to say or show? So I did. Bought a couple domain names and got to work. The first shock was that my name was already taken. Really? There are probably 100s of Sandy Bakers out there I discovered. So I officially became I use it in different forms, including writersandy, in the various social media socialmediaforwritersoutlets. I get whiplash from trying to remember which one I am from outlet to outlet. So, now I have a website and this blog. I am also LinkedIn, Facebooked, Pinterested, Tweeted, Googled+. Maybe some others; I’ve lost track. I am Friended and Followed, but by not nearly enough people. I need 10s of 1000s. Not gonna happen. I just cannot maintain a decent relationship with that many Friends. Here’s where this is leading. If you are thoroughly confused about platform and social media (they work hand in hand), I recommend two books for your writing and marketing library: Platform by Michael Hyatt and Social Media Just For Writers by Frances Caballo. You simply cannot go wrong with either. Hyatt discusses more of the Why and Caballo more of the How to. You can read them from cover to cover or return time and again to particular chapters for a refresher. This all amounts to marketing the heck out of yourself and standing out from the crowd. Good luck! If you Like me, I’ll Like, Retweet, Pin, Favorite and Follow you back! Got that?


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