A Child’s Thank You Drawings

After a career of writing for others–high tech company, university, newspaper, magazine–I’m finally writing for myself and about topics I love. Gardening. Kids. Teens. Poetry. Short stories. A novel. Picture books. Way back, I never thought I’d be where I am today. In fact, at one point, I was certain I’d be in Nashville writing country music. I was, for awhile. Life changes. I’ve published four Thank-you-to-Sandychildren’s gardening books, the last one a habitat coloring book and . . . I’m having it translated into Spanish. It’s very gratifying to me as an author to hear the Ooohs and Ahhhs from children while I’m reading to them from my books. Last week, while I was reading my kid gardening detective story, The Dead Butterflies Diary, I asked this class of 23 second-graders to do sound effects for me: “Awww” when something sad happened, “Booo” when something not nice occurred, and “Yay” when there was a spectacular event. They got it! The children were so very attentive; they put all the right expressions in the right place. The kids thought my Book-for-Sandy-1illustrations were awesome–not bad for a first time at trying my hand at drawing. The illustrations are charming (some say) and simple enough for young students to draw in a similar manner. One young lady a year ago advised me that if I practiced enough I could do my own illustrations–so I did! It’s also rewarding to receive a thank you from a child who sincerely appreciated my book, this one Color My Garden. Her grandmother told me Kana worked on her thank you drawings for weeks, tossing out those she thought wouldn’t work. That’s what we do as writers and illustrators–criticize ourselves as we go along and throw away work we feel isn’t good enough. Sometimes I think it’s more productive to not allow our interior critic Book-for-Sandy-2to influence us along the way. Just do it. Let it flow, and deal with the whole piece later. It might never get finished otherwise! Anyway, Kana’s thank you drawings are wonderful, genuine, and from the heart. She warms my heart and validates what I do as a writer and illustrator. This little girl is on her way–she writes and draws from the heart. That’s what it’s all about. Thank you for your Thank you, Kana.


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3 Responses to A Child’s Thank You Drawings

  1. Kaleah Nohr says:

    Awww! I was really happy to see that you posted my daughter’s thank you drawings on your blog!! She really wanted to please you with her work! Thanks for sending her a copy of your coloring back. She really appreciated it! I love your work, by the way!
    Kaleah Nohr (Kana’s mom)

  2. These are the best thank yous of all. Your book really made an impression on this little girl and will undoubtedly make a difference in her life. Bravo.

  3. Amanda says:

    How can I be in touch with you? Our Farmers’ Market would like to request your presence for a reading and a booksigning/sale. http://www.sthelenafarmersmkt.org/. Fingers crossed you and your fun stories will join us at our lovely market in St. Helena, Napa Valley. I can be reached at amanda.shfm@gmail.com.

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