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THIRST: An ode to hummer, monarch, and drought

THIRST High-spirited hummingbird thirsty and parched searches unceasing for moisture so scarce  flies to the fountain for droplets of froth soars through the sprinkler for a sip on the fly inspects a curled leaf to drain hidden dew grabs a … Continue reading

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Outlander Captivates Me!

I do not have time to read 850-page books. I barely get through my monthly book club books. I need to write. My garden beckons. I have Master Gardener and Redwood Writers obligations. Oh, and there’s my husband, my house, … Continue reading

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Three Sisters Gardening is Real

Meet the Iroquois “three sisters” of gardening: corn, squash, and beans. A long time ago, the Iroquois knew that those vegetables could happily grow together in a single mound.  In my upcoming book Three Sisters Garden, they are known as Cara, Sara, and … Continue reading

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Secret Garden Sanctuary

Visualize an almost-secret space in your garden, a secluded sanctuary, even spiritual, where you can sit, stare, sleep, think, read, or sip tea. Everyone deserves such a secluded spot. And it must be a separate place where you cannot see … Continue reading

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