THIRST: An ode to hummer, monarch, and drought


High-spirited hummingbird thirsty and parched

searches unceasing for moisture so scarce 1 hummer

flies to the fountain for droplets of froth

soars through the sprinkler for a sip on the fly

inspects a curled leaf to drain hidden dew

grabs a short shower in the garden hose spray

and zips to the birdbath, diving down for a drink. 70 HUMMERS OVERWINTER

While monarch stands still at the pond’s shallow edge

unfurling proboscis to suck and to savor

hummer hovers to dip slender bill for a taste.

Two creatures divergent in language and form

silently aware the other exists  MONARCH ON BUDDLEIA

share space to slake thirsts on a hot droughty day.

Sandy Baker ©2014 (reprinted from Redwood Writers 2014 Anthology Water)


About writersandy

Writer, Gardener, Crafter
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