Prompts Inspire Writing

Do you have days when you simply cannot think of a thing to write? In fact, have you ever experienced writer’s block for weeks or months? You’re brain- dead, uninspired; life is boring, you’ve heard no interesting conversations, upside down carBlue gatewitnessed no exciting or weird events, there’s nothing. Try writing to a prompt.  What’s a prompt? Non-writers don’t know what that means or think you’re nuts. It’s a tip, an idea, a push, a clue, a trigger, a little something to get your creative juices going. It can be a picture, a word, or an object. A prompt can tickle your brain, reawaken a repressed emotion, recall a long-ago event, stimulate a Ferris wheelshiver or laugh, feel disgust. Certainly any of these reactions are good for a quick poem, short story, vignette, or brief memoir. PlayhouseWhen seeing or hearing a prompt, I’ve found that quickly putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and just writing is the best way to capture my immediate and honest response. I always return to rewrite, expand, add description, action verbs, emotions. Look at the photos embedded in this post. I pulled them out randomly from my files. Use any of them to inspire you to write something, Plant gianttombstonesanything. Spooky, cute, nostalgic, charming, frightening? Use your emotion to write. Take a prompt-writing class. Go to a website, such as, where you will get a prompt practically every day. And just write!


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