Writing: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

At the New Year, writers always resolve to write more. That’s a given for me. Other than that, I’m not going to get squishy about all the other resolutions I probably ought to make. In retrospect, 2014 was generally a good writing and publishing year. Early in the year, I published Howie’s Hungabird Dilemma in which a determined Howie figured out how to Howie's Hungabird Dilemmakeep his crotchety neighbor lady from trying to whack the hummers with her tennis racquet. Crazy plot, huh? It was inspired by a third-hand rumor about a woman who did just that. How could I not write about it? Some adults had trouble with “hungabird,” but my kid readers got it!

My next book, Three Sisters Garden, was intended to come out in October but was plagued with unexpected ghosts and gremlins. Excellent illustrator, Casie Trace, developed a carpal tunnel-like problem in her precious

Three Sisters Gardenright hand and couldn’t paint for weeks. Then later, the full bleeds didn’t fully bleed, meaning the book had to be reformatted by my ever-patient and resilient book designer Rita Ter Sarkissoff. Simultaneously, my ebook version got hung up in dueling KDP accounts. We finally solved that issue. Kind of. All formats are up and available. Sigh. This book is not only about three little girls gardening but is the modern version of the American Indian tradition of planting corn, beans and squash together in one mound. Gai's Go-Away-Come-Back Garden

Now, my next children’s gardening book, Gai’s Go-Away-Come-Back Garden, is slated to be published in April. Illustrator for this book, Jack Wiens, is diligently working on his paintings–and they are outstanding! What goes away and comes back in a garden? Perennials, butterflies, hummingbirds, snails, Gai lets the lightning bugs go.lightning bugs … and, Gai’s parents and his babysitter. (Oh, how he dislikes that word!)

In a grand departure from children’s gardening books, I may just publish a collection of short stories entitled Adventures of the Hotel Sisters. In the 1920s, five little sisters did in fact grow up in a hotel–my mother and four aunts. However, the adventures are wildly imagined, fabricated, and fictionalized. While my kid gardening books are for grades K-3, the Hotel Sisters  in Teens & 20sHotel Sisters is for an older audience, grades 4-7 or 8. If I do keep my single resolution to write more, it will be focused mostly on the Hotel Sisters–with perhaps one additional gardening book for good measure. Please stay tuned to this blog, my website sandybakerwriter.com and Facebook.com/sandybakerauthor.


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One Response to Writing: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

  1. jeannejusaitis says:

    Those hotel sisters are adorable, as are your three sisters in their garden. You’ve had a very prolific year and it looks like you’re going to have another one. Good on you, Sandy!

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