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Steampunk Revealed: Part II

It appears that steampunk has moved from the literary into films, clothing, hairstyles, jewelry, and rock bands. On, bands from The Aeronauts and The Clockwork Dolls to Pocketwatch and The Unextraordinary Gentlemen are listed, among hundreds. Associations, clubs, websites, … Continue reading

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Autumn Garden Gifts

Gardens are generous and never stop giving, even as their brilliant summer colors and fragrances fade. Something is always beckoning to be harvested, salvaged and used. It’s time to gather armloads and basketfuls of garden materials–pods, seeds, twigs, pine cones, … Continue reading

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Gourds & Zucchini Are Cousins

In honor of my recent children’s gardening book, Zack’s Zany Zucchiniland, I’ve added a page to my website on decorating gourds:¬† Yes, gourds and zucchini are cousins. It’s a wild family, pushy, aggressive, one you must keep your eye on: … Continue reading

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