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Habitat Gardening: Tips for Developing a Good Habit

Habitat gardening—until about 15 years ago, that was a term and concept that had eluded me. Now, it’s a way of life. I simply refer to it as gardening for birds, bees, butterflies, and bugs. As a habitat gardener, I’ve learned to … Continue reading

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THIRST: An ode to hummer, monarch, and drought

THIRST High-spirited hummingbird thirsty and parched searches unceasing for moisture so scarce  flies to the fountain for droplets of froth soars through the sprinkler for a sip on the fly inspects a curled leaf to drain hidden dew grabs a … Continue reading

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Our Amazing Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds never cease to thrill me. I photo them whenever possible and have recently written a children’s gardening book about them (Howie’s Hungabird Dilemma, illustrated by Casie Pace). With their iridescent feathers, they  resemble flying jewels. Close up, you can … Continue reading

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Colorea Mi Jardîn Coloring Book Surprises!

It was both shocking and thrilling to open my new coloring book Color My Garden, no, Colorea Mi Jardîn, and see the Spanish words! I’ve long wanted to have my gardening books for kids translated into Spanish, and now, I’ve … Continue reading

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Howie Saves the Hungabirds

What’s a hungabird? It’s a question I ask second and third graders when I visit their school for a reading. Responses: A bird. A hungry bird. A human bird. A hunter bird. And finally . . . a hummingbird. Ahhh, … Continue reading

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Color My Garden–Saturated, Intense!

Color My Garden is my latest book. Seeing the title, it’s what you might expect–a coloring book for kids–and all about habitat gardening for birds, bees, butterflies and bugs. As a kid, I loved to color, especially if I had … Continue reading

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Garden Ooops #2: Too Many Tomatoes

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE tomatoes. But they have taken over my garden, or at least part of it. But I love butterflies, too, and had planned this little corner to be my main butterfly-attracting area: birdbath; yarrow yellow, … Continue reading

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